Backyard Patio Ideas

patio paver fresh brick pavers patios driveways combined with large engraved paving stones

Granite patio pavers, Granite pavers represents one of many hardest materials on the planet, outdoors as well as in. Characterized by a speckled patterns because of high quartz content, created when the granite was formed, granite pavers are decorative, durable, and convey a high-end look to boot. Colors cover anything from earthy to decorative, white, to blue, to green, to black.

patio paver exquisite travertine pavers for patio with matching stone swimming pool coping and outdoor stone jacuzzi

Travertine patio pavers, Travertine pavers offer that Classical, having a big "C", look to your outdoor life. Popular in the height of the Roman Empire being a prime building material for all sorts of structures, travertine comes with a noble elegance that is always understated, and remaining being versatile too.